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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 12: Say Cheese

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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 12: Say Cheese. Flying into new adventures with Geronimo Stilton Season 2. Follow the adventures of the famous Geronimo Stilton — Journalist, erudite mouse and head of a media empire, and his fearless nephew Benjamin! Together with Trap (Geronimo?s funny cousin) and Thea (Geronimo's sister and daring special correspondent) they scour New Mouse City for new scoops, travelling the world from exotic islands, to the frozen arctic and scary jungles! The new episodes see our friends jump into great new adventures fighting dangerous villains with the help of new friends — brilliant and eccentric Professor Von Volt and Benjamin's beloved robotic pet Max! Once again team Geronimo Stilton will take you on adventures that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

Episode List

The Prehistoric Mouse

Sally announces on television that she has discovered a real life cave mouse. Geronimo is suspicious and he and the gang go to check it out. When they learn, to their shock, that the cave mouse is real and that Sally is exploiting him for personal gain, they decide to free the cave mouse and help him escape back to prehistoric times. But things aren't as they seem.

Say Cheese

When Geronimo buys a fashion magazine, the editor and photographer of the magazine, Dondina and Lars, drag him and his family across the globe for a series of photo shoots. But a string of spectacular robberies point to Dondina and Lars as the culprits, and Geronimo must get to the bottom of it.

The Mermaid Mouse

The appearance of a mermouse in the waters off Santa Gouda is causing shipwrecks and the Stiltons go there to check it out. While the gang looks for clues to who or what this mysterious creature really is, Trap falls for the mermouse's song and endangers all of them.

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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 12: Say Cheese

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