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Pororo DVD No. 10 (Season 2): Good Crong, Bad Crong

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Pororo DVD No. 10 from Season 2. Now we have new friends — Petty, Harry and a few more fascinating characters joining the bunch! In addition to English, korean language is also available. As usual, the friends are never short of troubles, but their great friendship and genuine care for each other help overcome it all. This award-winning series centres on the lives of Pororo and his friends and their adventures together. Get ready for fun, surprises, humour and meaningful lessons to learn!

Episode List

  1. Good Crong, Bad Crong Pororo has made some bread for his friends. He asks Crong to send to Loopy's house. Can Crong resist the temptation to eat the bread?
  2. Pig Pororo Pororo is turned into a pig by an unknown light for playing pranks on his friends. Will he stay like this forever?
  3. A Snowy Day Porong Porong forest is snowing and everyone gathers at Poby's house for the night.
  4. Is Pororo Sick? Pororo makes Crong do all the work by pretending to be sick.
  5. Do You Need Any Help? A kind friend who is always ready to give a helping hand is none other than…
  6. A Piece of Cake After eating Crong's share of cake, Pororo owns up and promises not to do it again.
  7. Robot Cook Eddy builds a robot to help Petty bake cookies, but something goes wrong and they turn to an unexpected friend for help.
  8. What's This Smell? When a foul smell fills the air, Poby quickly apologises to everyone. What did he do?
  9. Return of Robot Cook Everyone is surprised to find Robot Cook back in Petty's house.
  10. Virus is Following Me At first Crong refuses to wash his dirty hands, and then he does so willingly. What changed his mind?
  11. Watch Out Pororo! Pororo and Crong are in the mountains and it is snowing heavily. How can they return home safely?
  12. Free Pororo Sing-Along
    • Broom Broom Broom
    • The Whale Song

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Pororo DVD No. 10 (Season 2): Good Crong, Bad Crong

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