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Pororo DVD No. 09 (Season 2): The Dragon Comes to Town

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Pororo DVD No. 9 from Season 2. Now we have new friends — Petty, Harry and a few more fascinating characters joining the bunch! In addition to English, korean language is also available. As usual, the friends are never short of troubles, but their great friendship and genuine care for each other help overcome it all. This award-winning series centres on the lives of Pororo and his friends and their adventures together. Get ready for fun, surprises, humour and meaningful lessons to learn!

Episode List

  1. Petty's Secret Friend Petty and a dragon from the mountains become friends, but she intends to keep it a secret…
  2. Don't Do That! Crong can't stand Pororo's nagging. He decides to ride the sleigh himself and runs into trouble.
  3. No More Troubles! Despite having a few squabbles, Pororo and Crong have an enjoyable day together.
  4. You are Not Alone Poby and Harry go separate ways for the day, but quickly realise it is more boring to be alone.
  5. Beautiful Colour Land Pororo and Crong "visit" the amazing Colour Land — in their dreams.
  6. Petty Likes Me the Most Who does Petty like? Is it Pororo, Poby, Eddy or Crong?
  7. Harry and Crong Disappeared? Harry and Crong are unhappy and they want to sail away from home.
  8. Loopy The MagicianLoopy gets her friends to drink her magic potion…
  9. Friends From Outer Space The Aliens from the moon have landed in the forest. What are they doing on Earth?
  10. Snowball Ghost Someone is throwing snowballs at Pororo and his friends, but there is no one there…
  11. The Dragon Comes to Town When Petty's secret dragon friend comes to the forest to look for her, everyone thinks she is in danger.
  12. Free Pororo Sing-Along
    • Hahaha Hohoho
    • Vegie Land Three

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Pororo DVD No. 09 (Season 2): The Dragon Comes to Town

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