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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 10: Chips And Dips

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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 10: Chips and Dips. Flying into new adventures with Geronimo Stilton Season 2. Follow the adventures of the famous Geronimo Stilton — Journalist, erudite mouse and head of a media empire, and his fearless nephew Benjamin! Together with Trap (Geronimo's funny cousin) and Thea (Geronimo's sister and daring special correspondent) they scour New Mouse City for new scoops, traveling the world from exotic islands, to the frozen arctic and scary jungles! The new episodes see our friends jump into great new adventures fighting dangerous villains with the help of new friends — brilliant and eccentric Professor Von Volt and Benjamin's beloved robotic pet Max! Once again team Geronimo Stilton will take you on adventures that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

Episode List

Sea Rats

A pretty young mouse named Mouselyn tells the Stiltons that Geronimo has been shipwrecked while on an expedition. They all go out to sea in the Meta-mouse to find Geronimo, only to discover he's been kidnapped by pirates, and Mouselyn is in on it! The pirates plan to use the Meta-mouse to retrieve a sunken treasure, and it's up to Thea and Benjamin to stop them.

Chips and Dips

Benjamin is handed a mysterious envelope and told to get it to Chester T. No one knows who Chester T. is, but they do discover that the envelope contains a mysterious recipe. What is this recipe for? Who is Chester T.? The answers to these questions become even more critical when Geronimo is kidnapped and the gang must figure out where he is and how to rescue him.

Temple of the Dragon's Gasp

The Stiltons go on vacation to Mousta Rica. Benjamin and Thea go into the jungle looking for the legendary Temple of the Dragon's Gasp, while Geronimo tries to catch some much needed rest and relaxation. But when Benjamin and Thea think they see a real dragon and get chased deep into the jungle, the Stiltons all get pulled into a mystery that involves a lost tribe and an evil plot by Crunchrat.

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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 10: Chips And Dips

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