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Pororo DVD No. 07 (Season 2): Petty, You Are So Cool!

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Pororo DVD No. 7 from Season 2. Now we have new friends — Petty, Harry and a few more fascinating characters joining the bunch! In addition to English, korean language is also available. As usual, the friends are never short of troubles, but their great friendship and genuine care for each other help overcome it all. This award-winning series centres on the lives of Pororo and his friends and their adventures together. Get ready for fun, surprises, humour and meaningful lessons to learn!

Episode List

  1. I Can Fly Pororo worries his friends when he heads off to the mountains alone to try out Eddy’s new invention.
  2. I Envy You Pororo and Crong envy Poby’s height and strength, but learn later that being small has its advantages too.
  3. The Biggest Snowman Everyone is making a snowman today. Who will make the biggest of all?
  4. Petty, You are So Cool! Petty is great at hula hoops and swift in her movements, but one thing weakens her. What is it?
  5. Pororo Has Shrunk Everything around Pororo seems larger than usual&hellp; Has Pororo shrunk?
  6. Shark Attack! While Pororo and friends are fishing on a boat, a shark recognises Eddy from a previous encounter. Can they escape the fearsome creature?
  7. Crong's First Word Crong learns to talk while having a row with Pororo!
  8. Shhh! It's a Secret Pororo and Crong spoil Eddy’s robot and ask Poby for help. Can Poby fix it before Eddy finds out?
  9. Who Did This? Crong is hiding from Pororo because he has dirtied the house again, but Crong is not the only one making a mess&hellp;
  10. A Genius Cook Loopy has baked some new cookies for her friends, but they are too salty. What is she going to do?
  11. Free Pororo Sing-Along
    • A Beautiful World
    • Sweet Sweet Dream
    • Blueland

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Pororo DVD No. 07 (Season 2): Petty, You Are So Cool!

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