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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 08: Castle Creeps

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An Ordinary Mouse with Extraordinary Adventures

Geronimo would lead a quiet life if adventure didn't always come knocking on the door! He is not a traditional hero: he is not sporty, nor muscular and he is afraid of everything, but is still a mouse who can raise to the occasion and save the day!

Meet Geronimo Stilton!
Mouse Extraordinaire!

A highly popular animated series, Geronimo Stilton centers on the life and adventures of Geronimo Stilton, head of a media empire and his young nephew, Benjamin Stilton. Joining them in these adventures are Trap, Geronimo's cousin and Thea, his daring sister. Geronimo Stilton series is about fun adventures, comedy and more comedy.

Episode List

The Bad Luck of Team Fromage

The Tour de Mouse has come to New Mouse City and Geronimo's friend, a champion bike racer is plagued by a chain of bad luck. Can Geronimo get to the bottom of it in time to help his friend back into the race?

Castle Creeps

Pandora's pet hamster runs off, leading her and Benjamin to the creepy Whiskerfur Castle. Our heroes search the estate and find something else hidden inside…

Smarty Pants

Geronimo sends Trap to attend an experiment on intelligence. Something goes wrong and Trap returns changed, smart, and really annoying. Our heroes have to get the old Trap back fast or he remains like this forever!

Tea Story

Geronimo's briefcase which contains his manuscript, A History of Tea, gets switch with another at the train station — one that belongs to a secret spy for an evil government. He goes on a mad chase all over the city to get back his manuscript. Will he succeed?

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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 08: Castle Creeps

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