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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 07: The Gator Samaritan

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An Ordinary Mouse with Extraordinary Adventures

Geronimo would lead a quiet life if adventure didn't always come knocking on the door! He is not a traditional hero: he is not sporty, nor muscular and he is afraid of everything, but is still a mouse who can raise to the occasion and save the day!

Meet Geronimo Stilton!
Mouse Extraordinaire!

A highly popular animated series, Geronimo Stilton centers on the life and adventures of Geronimo Stilton, head of a media empire and his young nephew, Benjamin Stilton. Joining them in these adventures are Trap, Geronimo's cousin and Thea, his daring sister. Geronimo Stilton series is about fun adventures, comedy and more comedy.

Episode List

Cheese Connection

Everyone starts to panic as cheese vanishes from all over New Mouse City, including the emergency reserves! Can Geronimo and company save the day?

Starring Geronimo

To help keep New Mouse Playhouse in business, Geronimo agrees to do a big story on their latest play. However, trouble is brewing around the theatre, threatening the whole production.

Rules Of The Game

Benjamin and Pandora get invited to test a new video game. When they learn too much about where it came from, the company owner holds them captives. Geronimo, Trap, and Thea come to their rescue, but land themselves into trouble too!

The Gator Samaritan

A hero is doing good deeds all over the city, but Geronimo smells something fishy. Everything seems like set-ups for stories in Sally's newspaper, The Daily Rat…

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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 07: The Gator Samaritan

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