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Pororo DVD No. 03: Dancing Together

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Say Hello to Pororo and Friends!

Far away on a snow-covered island, there is a small village inside a forest where a group of animals lived. There's Pororo, the inquisitive and playful penguin; Crong, the naughty little dinosaur; the good-natured polar bear, Poby; the proud and nosy red fox, Eddy; and the gentle beaver, Loopy. They frequently run into trouble with one another, but quickly learn from their mistakes and remain best of friends. In times of joy or need, they are always there for one another.

This award-winning series centres on the lives of Pororo and his friends and their adventures together. Get ready for fun, surprises, humour and meaningful lessons to learn!

Episode List

  1. Kite flying Instead of flying kites, Pororo and friends get a taste of flying on a kite!
  2. Save Loopy While Loopy and Eddy are practicing fora shadow play, the rest of the gang goesto rescue Loopy. What’s going on?
  3. Train Adventure Pororo and friends have a rough ride whenwhen something goes amiss during their trip.
  4. Be Careful Pororo and Eddy play dangerously on thehill slope and wind up getting hurt.
  5. Pororo and Dandelion Pororo learns how Dandelions reproduce.
  6. Hiccup Cure Crong thinks he is going to die from hishiccups. Can his friends help stop it?
  7. Pororo Meets with a Whale Pororo gets stranded on an island afterswimming too far out. Guess who saveshim?
  8. Magnetic Play Crong is playing tricks on his friendsagain - this time with a magnet.
  9. Dancing Together Poby tells Loopy to dance if she wantsto lose weight.
  10. Stomach Ache Crong gets a stomach ache from eatingtoo much and learns his lesson.
  11. Free Pororo Sing-Along
    • Good Child
    • For Sure
    • Ding Dong Ding

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Pororo DVD No. 03: Dancing Together

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