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Pororo DVD No. 02: Let's Play Together

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Say Hello to Pororo and Friends!

Far away on a snow-covered island, there is a small village inside a forest where a group of animals lived. There's Pororo, the inquisitive and playful penguin; Crong, the naughty little dinosaur; the good-natured polar bear, Poby; the proud and nosy red fox, Eddy; and the gentle beaver, Loopy. They frequently run into trouble with one another, but quickly learn from their mistakes and remain best of friends. In times of joy or need, they are always there for one another.

This award-winning series centres on the lives of Pororo and his friends and their adventures together. Get ready for fun, surprises, humour and meaningful lessons to learn!

Episode List

  1. Let's Play Together Pororo and friends learn to take turns to ride the swing.
  2. Can't I Have the Moon? Crong wants to have the moon. Will he get what he wants?
  3. Eddy's Secret Eddy agrees to sing for his friends, but the truth is he can't sing. What does he plan to do?
  4. Magic Flute After listening to the flute-playing monster story, Pororo and Crong play a prank on their friends.
  5. Snow Canvas Pororo and friends have a good time painting on snow.
  6. Wanna Have a Round? Pororo and friends invent a fun new game with balls and sticks.
  7. Crong's Christmas Pororo tells Crong that Santa only gives presents to good kids. Will Crong get a gift from Santa?
  8. Loopy, You Can Do It Loopy is afraid to cross a bridge and her friends try their best to encourage her.
  9. Eddy and His Telescope Eddy spies on his friends with his telescope. What happens when they find out?
  10. A Jigsaw Puzzle Pororo and Crong learn how to put a puzzle together.
  11. Free Pororo Sing-Along
    • Playing with Numbers
    • Rainbow
    • Naughty Boy

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Pororo DVD No. 02: Let's Play Together

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