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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 16: A Brief Engagement

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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 16: A Brief Engagement. Flying into new adventures with Geronimo Stilton Season 2. Follow the adventures of the famous Geronimo Stilton — Journalist, erudite mouse and head of a media empire, and his fearless nephew Benjamin! Together with Trap (Geronimo's funny cousin) and Thea (Geronimo's sister and daring special correspondent) they scour New Mouse City for new scoops, travelling the world from exotic islands, to the frozen arctic and scary jungles! The new episodes see our friends jump into great new adventures fighting dangerous villains with the help of new friends — brilliant and eccentric Professor Von Volt and Benjamin's beloved robotic pet Max! Once again team Geronimo Stilton will take you on adventures that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

Episode List

Dude Where's My Shark

The surfing contest Thea is competing in is shut down when a large and dangerous shark threatens the surfers. The mystery deepens when it turns out that the shark was released into the local waters by someone at a nearby aquarium. The Stiltons investigate why someone is so desperate to stop the competition from taking place.

Magic Mice

When Geronimo's magician friend, The Great Spiedini, makes the Great Sphinx of Cheeza disappear and can't make it reappear, the Stiltons travel to Egypt to investigate whether real magic or foul play is to blame.

If I Could Talk to the Animals

Geronimo uses a Universal Animal Translator device to interview an injured baby gorilla that Thea had rescued in the wilderness. When the gorilla alerts him to the possibility of animals in Africa being in danger, the Stiltons travel to Africa โ€“ with the translating device โ€“ in order to talk to the animals and get to the bottom of the mystery.

A Brief Engagement

Grandpa shows up to introduce his family to his new girlfriend โ€“ Sally Rasmaussen! Thea and Benjamin are convinced Sally is just using Grandpa to get control of the company, but Geronimo refuses to assume the worst in people without proof. Unfortunately, after following Sally around, they get all the proof they need. It turns out she's been hypnotizing Grandpa. Can the Stiltons snap him out of it before the wedding?

Parmezani Crush

Geronimo is thrilled to get a chance to interview the esteemed singer, Diva Parmezani. But when the Diva's good luck necklace is stolen and she vows to never sing again, Geronimo vows to help her find the ruby and ultimately proves to her that her career isn't a result of luck, but her natural talent.

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Geronimo Stilton DVD No. 16: A Brief Engagement

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