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Pororo DVD No. 11 (Season 3): Pipi and Popo

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Pororo DVD No. 11 from Season 3. Far away on a snow-covered island, there is a small village inside a forest where a group of animals lived. There's Pororo the playful penguin, Crong the naughty little dinosaur, Poby the kind polar bear, Eddy the innovative but proud fox, Loopy the gentle beaver, Petty the pretty penguin and Harry the bird who loves to sing! In season three, Rody the robot, Tongtong the magician and many more exciting characters join the bunch! Like before, the friends have their fair share of squabbles, but they still love each other and always stick together in times of need. This award-winning series centres on the lives of Pororo and his friends and their adventures together. Get ready for fun, surprises, humour and meaningful lessons to learn!

Episode List

  1. Popo and Pipi Pororo and friends meet Popo and Pipi who are from outer space.
  2. Everything Looks Amazing While Loopy is out, Popo and Pipi enter her house and make a mess!
  3. Rody is Born Eddy builds a new robot called Rody.
  4. Happy Rody Rody is delighted to get a new house from Eddy.
  5. Toy Plane Crong wants to play with Pororo's toy plane. Will Pororo let him play?
  6. Dragon the Magician Everyone meets Tongtong the dragon magician.
  7. I Want to be a Super Hero Crong pretends to be a superhero and Rody plays along too!
  8. Mighty Harry Harry gets into trouble after asking Tongtong to make him stronger.
  9. Catch the Big Fish Pororo and friends go fishing in the ocean and encounter a shark!
  10. It's My Toy Pororo and Crong fight over Eddy's toy.
  11. Free Educational Pororo Song
    • Wash Your Hands

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Pororo DVD No. 11 (Season 3): Pipi and Popo

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