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About Premier Calendars

An established calendar manufacturer, Premier Calendars brings to you an exciting range of titles, giving you the opportunity to select the design of your choice, one that suits your business. Besides being affordable, every calendar is specially designed to enhance your organization's marketing presence, setting you apart from your competitors.

We at Premier Calendars search meticulously to bring you the best images thereby giving you eye catching and enduring calendars that no other publishers locally have ever produced. When creating a calendar, we take utmost care in every step from designing to printing to ensure that it will create an impact when displayed in front of your clients. Your brand message will be continuously reinforced day after day, throughout, the year.

Only the best calendars are hung on the wall or placed on the desktop. With calendars from Premier, it will be worth every cent of your budget.

UF1301 World Travel

World Travel desk calendar

UF1302 Landscapes with quotations

Landscapes desk calendar

UF1303 Discover Korea

Discover Korea desk calendar

UF1304 Discover Malaysia: Sipadan

Discover Malaysia desk calendar

UF1305 Postcards from Paradise with quotations

Postcards From Paradise desk calendar

UF1306 Waterfalls with quotations

Waterfalls desk calendar

UF1307 Underwater Life

Underwater Life desk calendar

UF1308 Inspirations with quotations

Inspirations desk calendar

UF1309 Flowers

Flowers desk calendar

UF1310 Exotic Cars

Exotic Cars desk calendar

UFW1311 Scenery 1


UFW1312 Scenery 2


UFW1313 Transportations 1


UFW1314 Transportations 2


Custom made header available upon request. Please contact us for further details.

Deluxe 3-month wall calendar

Economy 3-month wall calendar

Desk Calendars
Calendar size with stand 7.75 x 7 inches
Calendar size without stand 6 x 7 inches
Materials 210g art card
Ink 4 colours
Standee Economy: 450g art card stand
Deluxe: hardboard Linmaster stand
Binding Wire-O
Advertisement space 1.5 x 6.5 inches

Deluxe desk calendar

Economy desk calendar

3-Month Wall Calendars
Calendar size 13 x 33 inches
Materials 100g Simili
Header Economy:
  • 600g art card
  • 1 punch hole
  • 1 panel wire-o
  • hardboard
  • 1 punch hole with eyelit
  • 3 panels wire-o
Ink Header: 4 colours
Texts: 2 colours
Binding Wire-O
Accessories Optional PVC date indicator
Advertisement space 2 x 12 inches

Custom made header available upon request. Please contact us for further details.

Deluxe 3-month wall calendar with PVC date indicator

Economy 3-month wall calendar

While great care has been taken in compiling the information in the calendars in this catalogue, we do not accept responsibility for any errors and/or omissions that may inadvertently crept in. We reserve the right to ammend or substitute any design and/or material of equal quality.